Fifty point games are a pretty rare occurrence in the NBA. It takes a special kind of player having an amazing night for it to truly happen. Anthony Davis was able to pull it off in the 2016-17 season. In fact AD had an pretty underrated season, but due to the teams record many people will sort of throw it to the waste side. This video provided by the NBA will show off just a little of what the brow was able to do. I decided to compare AD season to who many consider to be the best power forward even (Kevin Garnett) in his MVP season. The infographic shows just a comparison of season stats between the two phenomenal players. Hopefully after reading it people will give AD some props for what he was able to do this year. Lets compare stats shall we?


Points per game goes to “the brow” who put up 26.0 compared to “the big ticket” who scored 24.2. I believe AD scoring could’ve been higher but with nagging injuries and the arrival of Cousins his scoring dipped a little average wise. Both players put up scoring number any team would be happy to have.

Both players are power forwards who had to potential to play the 5 in small ball lineups. KG didn’t play that much at center compared to AD and other power forwards of todays league. With that said, in KG MVP season he snagged 13.9 boards while AD pulled in 11.8 during the 2016-17 season. Being able to grab 14 boards with another big man alongside of you is crazy to think about. What’s even crazier is that during the MVP season, the big man positions (power forward, center) were in a better place than today. In the modern day NBA you have small forwards playing the 4 and power forwards playing the 5. If you were to do that in the NBA’s past, those small forwards would get eaten alive. Too many back to the basket traditional big man.

No doubt that both players were he anchor of the teams defense. In fact they put up very similar numbers on that end. AD managed 2.2 blocks and 1.3 steals for the pels. KG forced 1.5 steals and 2.2 blocks. This production by both players is very incredible and heres why. Take a look at todays basketball, the big man position isn’t as good as it used to be. Its almost as if with the big man position you are either offensively or defensively challenged. Of course there’s a few exceptions ie: Towns, Turner, AD, Boogie to an extent. Nevertheless the fact that both KG and AD are able to disrupt a team offense as well as put up monster number on the other end is an eye brow raiser.

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More Life

The New Orleans Pelicans had a roller coaster of a season. We’ve dealt with not having Jrue to start the season (don’t blame him for being there for his wife), to going on a pretty nice win streak upon his return. The ups and downs came very frequently. With that said, I’m going to lay out a few positives to take away from this 2016-2017 season.

First up is the improved leadership of Anthony Davis. Coming into this season it was widely known that Alvin Gentry wanted “the brow” to become the leader of this team. AD didn’t disappoint, he stepped up to his new role. When Buddy was going through the rookie funk mid season, AD sat him aside and sort of took him under his 7+ foot wings.

Second is the emergence of Jordan “Instant Grits” Crawford. Crawford was among the revolving door of 10 day contracts given out by the pels. From the first game, he came out guns blazing scoring in double figures. That eventually became a theme with Crawford as hes only had maybe a game or two where he hasn’t scored double figures for the pels. His much needed shooting resulted in a 2 year contract for the pels and a chance to prove to everyone in the league that he belongs.

Of course with the last point I’m going to point out the pels getting Demarcus Cousins! Cousins easily the best center in the league joined forces via trade with the most dominant power forward in todays NBA to form a 1-2 punch unlike any other currently out there. Boogie has made his presence known in the short sample size we have. Having someone able to demand a double team other than AD opens up the floor for all the role players. Also doesn’t hurt that he’s a walking 25+ points scorer while still picking up 13+ rebounds. Safe to say the 2017-2018 season for the pels is looking bright!

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No more big three?

On 4/18/17 Jake Madison of @thebirdwrites dropped a podcast circling around Jrue Holiday. Jake basically went into detail saying based on the exit interviews from Dell Demps and Alvin Gentry, Jrue likely isn’t going to be resigned. This actually picked up quite the pace as ive seen it on a few other websites such as bleacherreport. This got me thinking though, if Jrue leaves does it really serve as doom for our New Orleans Pelicans?

Maxing out Jrue would mean paying 30 million per year. Jrue without a doubt is a nice starting point guard, but I don’t know if he is a god fit for us especially for that price. In the small sample size with the big three on the floor together, Jrue has struggled. Jrue and Boogie on the court together has been pretty bad. Jrue and Davis has been decent as we all know though, they’ve had time to get the chemistry together. If our starting point guard cant play well with our best two players on the floor is it really worth it? The same point guard that has been injury prone every year we’ve had him except this past season. The more I think about it the more I believe that maybe we should let him walk and try another piece to see if he fits the puzzle.

The upcoming point guard class is pretty dynamic with players like Cp3, Curry, and Lowry available. Let be real for a second though, they’re all going to resign with their current team. Players we have a chance at are like: Jeff Teague, George Hill, and Patty Mills. While these players aren’t terrible, they aren’t going to put a team over the hump or be considered a big three type player. So with that said I think whomever the GM is (if Demps is fired) may have to work some trade magic. I would love to see Goran from the Miami Heat, Jeremy Lin, or even Rondo on the target list. Anyone of those players with another solid role player could be enough for this team to be very competitive.

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“Tank” Flight

The New Orleans Pelicans before the trade deadline were 3.0 games behind for the 8th and final playoffs spot. Since trading for Demarcus Cousins the team has trended even further behind in the race. Was the trade a bad move? Are the pels, who are currently out of the playoffs race currently trying to tank to increase odds of keeping the top-3 protected pick? Lets dive right in.

First up is Cousins. Cousins is easily the best center in the NBA. The pairing of The best center (Cousins) and the best power forward (Davis) is a dream come true. No question the pels are moving somewhat away from small ball, even though there are some lineups where small ball is used. Having two big men capable of drawing a double team is a privilege that no other team in the NBA has. Don’t forget that both big men are also capable of shooting the three. So when the trade for cousins went through, safe to say I went into a joyful shock. I now realize that its going to take time for everyone to gel and learn where cousins likes the ball. After watching the few games boogie has played for the Pelicans I’m convinced that next year, and moving forward depending on if he resigns, that this is a playoff team. The fact that when AD is out the game we can run the offense through him and not lose too much of a step is HUGE. Once we upgrade the team with some shooters this offseason, the sky is the limit.

As far as tanking goes, we are currently doing it. Losing to the Lakers confirmed it for me. Not only that, but Cousins and AD have both been benched for the final game. I’m not complaining though. Currently with the 10th best odds to land the number 1 pick in the draft. Losing to the Lakers (whose on a 5 game win streak), as well as our last game will increase our odds every so slightly, but when dealing with the lottery every percent means something.

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Pelicans vs Bulls 4/2/17

I recently went to a Pelicans home game against the Bulls and boy do I have some things to get off my chest, both good and bad. In this weeks blog, I’m going to venture towards more of my experience than the actual events that happened during the game. Comment below afterwards and let me know if you guys want more of me moving towards other things NBA related or just staying with the Pelicans topics.

This was my second trip to a Pelicans game, my first being against the Trailblazers about three years ago when they had had Lopez, Batum, and Matthews. The Pelicans lost that game as well as this game against the Bulls. Maybe I’m just bad luck. Anyhow, the pels big three played up to there standards, its just nobody could stop Jimmy Butler. I mean, we pay Solomon Hill so much money because of his “defense”, but it was nowhere to be found that game. Butler torched us with 38 points playing as the “defacto” point guard for the Bulls. Boogie led the pels with 30+points and 15+ rebounds, but he had to work for it. The Bulls in the fourth quarter kept trying to agitate Boogie. Flops after flops from Rondo and Michael Carter Williams. It was very annoying to watch, and the refs didn’t help the case, it seemed as though the refs were licking their chops waiting for Boogie to go off. Thinking back I kind of wished he did. Would’ve been pretty cool to watch in person.

My experiences at the game were pretty mixed. It was nice to see other Pelican fans, I have gone so long without seeing some but perhaps I’ve been looking in the wrong places. The Smoothie King Center looks A1 from the outside, I’m talking super fancy. The inside looks okay nothing to hang your head on. Seeing the players during intros, warmups, and the game, you sort of realize that hey these guys are REALLY tall. I’m 6’5 myself so I’m use to people being shorter, but the forwards and centers made me feel like a baby. These elite athletes are so amazing to watch. Everything that they do seems so smooth and fluid.

This is the story that killed my “vibe” while at the game. I, being eager, immediately went to my seat once we made it to the game. Skipped getting food because I wanted to watch the warmups. I figured I would just go at halftime, no big deal. Once halftime approached, I left kind of early because I wanted to beat traffic. Turns out others had the same idea. Halftime is about 15 minutes long. I was in line for around 30. I really wanted nachos for some reason, but while waiting we were all told that they ran out. Now there’s only two other options left for actual food: smoked sausage or hotdogs. The family in front of me took damn near 10 minutes to choose what they want. The third quarter has started and I’m sitting here waiting on these parents asking their kids what they want knowing damn freaking well there’s a line behind them. Anyway, they leave and its finally my turn. There’s about 4 minutes left in the third, I’m already in a bad mood, I ask for a smoked sausage and a bottle water and guess what. She tells me they just ran out. I wanted to D-I-E! I just took a hotdog and went to my seat heated. Never again will I make the mistake of getting food at halftime.

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The big three carries the Pels past the Mavs

“It kind of goes under the radar, that’s a tough stat to do on a nightly basis”- Boogie Cousins speaking on a night where he went off for 30 alongside AD who scored 29. The final score ended up being 121-118 with a Pelicans win. Don’t let the score fool ya, this game shouldn’t have been this close.

The Pelicans pretty much lead the game for a majority of it. Jrue Holiday made plays and looked a little like the Jrue of old even though his plus minus ended up being negative one. Nonetheless the pels were rolling and the mavericks numerous technical fouls definitely helped. During the second quarter Devin Harris of the Mavericks received back to back techs after getting (or not getting, if you check out the postgame interview) calls. Normally a calm guy it was a bit odd to see him act out. Not to be out done, later in the game Rick Carlisle was given a tech as well as his assistant coach. The Pelicans went on to miss two of the four freethrows, but Boogie made up for it with an and-one.

The number one thing I liked about this game was that is was a total team effort. Yes the big three carried a big load of the offense in tis game, but the role players stepped up and contributed. Dante Cunningham and Jordan Crawford both threw in 15 points. Solo only had 7 points, but played his usual great defense.

The Pels are now four and a half games behind the 8th seed with 7 games left to play. The chances of us making the playoffs are basically .001, so for the rest of the season I look forward to seeing the younger guys get minutes as well as the big three come together a little bit more. Looking forward to the next game against the Sacramento Kings 3/31, you know Boogie is going to want to drop 50+ points. Don’t forget to follow me on social media @NolaJus for all Pelicans info and just to talk basketball in general!

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Boogie rolls!

“Thank you”, says Demarcus Cousins with a big smile on his face sarcastically towards the refs after having a 41 points 17 rebounds game. The final score ended up being 95-84 Pelicans over the Grizzles. A much needed win for the suddenly surging Pelicans who are still in play for the final 8th spot.

The first half of the game belonged to the Grizzles. Per usual the Pelicans played to the Grizzles slow pace and even Anthony Davis mentioned this in his interview after the game. The second half is when things started to pick up. The Pelicans started playing a faster pace and managed to get a 21-0 run that turned the game around, then Boogie took over and really carried us to the win.

Anthony Davis had a pretty quiet night 19 points on 18 shots with 13 rebounds. He seemed pretty content on letting Cousins go off while he basically became a decoy that still demanded a double team, therefore allowing Cousins a one on one situation every time down the court. Jrue is still having average to below average games since acquiring Cousins. He finished the game with 11 points in 40 minutes. Jrue does have the biggest adjustment to make with there being a spacing difference, but at some point he has to show progress and turn things around. Speaking of turning around, Jordan “Instant Grits” Crawford has ANOTHER double digit points games. He has really been a great addition to the team. His confidence and 3 point shooting opens up so many things for the team. Without any doubt he will be back at the end of the season.

The Pelicans next game is against the Houston Rockets March 23rd. This is a game the Pelicans can win and could push them ahead of the Mavericks who are currently half a game ahead. What do you guys think the final score will end up being? Leave a like and comment below with you answer! Don’t forget to follow my social media @nolajus for Instagram/Twitter.


Pelicans vs Trailblazers 3/15/17

img_0435.png“You can see the potential”, a smiling “Boogie” Cousins says following a runaway New Orleans Pelicans win vs the Portland Trailblazers with the final score being 100-77. Lots of positives for the Pelicans during this game where everything seemed to click. Highlight plays from Boogie including an alley-oop to Anthony Davis from the top of the key, where Davis actually threw down a 360 after catching it mid air causing the arena to erupt in cheer.

The Pelicans won this game as a team, which is something you couldn’t really say about any other games this year. Sure AD and Boogie combined for 37 points, but it was the role players and great defense that led the way. Solomon Hill who isn’t known for his offense (due to him not having any) scored 12 points on 4 of 5 shooting. Moore and Crawford also chipped in with double digit scoring. Cunningham with 10 boards and Frazier, who also plays his hardest against his buddies on the blazers, chipped in 7 assists 0 turnovers. Every pelican player came in and there part in trying to get this crucial win.

The Portland Trailblazers struggled to find there groove the whole night. Only two players finished in double digits scoring; Lillard (29) and Napier (10). This was mostly due to the Pels switching on every screen and forcing the blazers to take highly contested mid range jumpers. We expect this from the small lineup of Holiday, (insert any shooting guard), Hill, Cunningham, Davis as they have done it all year, but even with Cousins, switching was taking place. The Pels showed why they are a top 10 defense in the league.

It wasn’t all cheers in smiles. In the third quarter Davis turned his ankle and went into the locker room. Although it seems Davis gets hurt every other game and he will come back, it still a hold your breathe moment. During his time out Cousins took over. Bullying Nurkic and Leonard on offense, stealing and blocking shots on defense. Cousins looked more involved in this game than any other game so far in his short pelicans career. Davis eventually came back and the hot shooting streak of the pels continued.

The Trailblazers are currently 9th and battling for the 8th and final spot for the playoffs. If the Pelicans have any shot of making the playoffs, this win was a necessity. With 3 games remaining against the Denver Nuggets and 1 more against the Trailblazers, there is still hope that the Pelicans can squeeze into that 8th spot. With that said, there is little to no room for error. The Pelicans will host the Miami Heat tonight 3/15/17. Hopefully a win streak can begin for the Pels.

What did you guys think of the game? Is this the beginning of a streak, or just a win against a cold shooting Blazers team? Leave a comment below. Have a social media? Give me a follow @NolaJus on Instagram/Twitter to discuss everything Pelicans as well as the NBA in general.


Boogie On Down

To quote former chess champion Emanuel Lasker, “When you see a good move, look for a better one.” That narrative could easily be used to describe the moves the New Orleans Pelicans made around the 2017-2018 NBA “trade deadline”. Early February according to bleacher report, the Pels were linked to names like Jahlil Okafor and Brook Lopez. Jahlil Okafor is a promising young back to the basket big man. Brook Lopez is a veteran 7-footer who can expand his game to the three point line as well as give you some defense. Both players were being debated among social media and other writers about who would be a “better fit”. In the end a curveball was thrown and the Pelicans with very little assets managed to get an all star who many consider to be the best big man in the NBA, “Boogie” Cousins.

Just to be specific, the trade was Sacramento sending Demarcus Cousins and Omri Casspi (who was injured in his first game with the Pels and is now released) to New Orleans for Buddy Hield, a top 3 protected 2017 first round pick from the Pels, Langston Galloway and Tyreke Evans. Vlade Divac spoke with ESPN days after the trade and spoke of having a better offer “two days ago” before the trade. No one really knows what THAT deal would’ve been, but it doesn’t matter in the end.

I personally love the move as a Pelicans fan. Not only do we get another dominant big man, we manage to keep something that’s potentially special. That being our 2017 first round that’s top-3 protected. That protection on the pick is HUGE! The Pels are currently 3.0 games out of the 8th seed, chasing the Denver Nuggets. They’re also a few losses away from falling into the top 5 for the lottery. There is only one true option for the Pelicans to take in my opinion.

TANK TANK T-A-N-K! The Pelicans have a real chance of not only having a real big three, (considering Jrue resigns) but also adding a young “superstar” to the core. The fact that the Sacramento Kings could end up getting finessed this bad is absolutely hysterical. I see no point in rushing to the playoffs to play a Warriors team that’s on a mission and will more than likely sweep “Boogie and the Brow”. The smart move would be to let the dynamic duo get their numbers, while just adding up the losses. I doubt that would happen though the team is fiery and can play with anyone if fully focused, but it is fun to think about this team with a potential top 3 pick.

Nevertheless, whatever happens, it’s safe to say the future is bright for the Pels. Two all pro big men and a very solid point guard. Boogie has brought hope back to a team that hasn’t had any since maybe Jrue was traded for.

Let me know what your opinions on the  Boogie trade and what the Pels should do for the rest of the season in the comments below. You can also message me on social media. Twitter/Instagram: NolaJus

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