Pelicans vs Bulls 4/2/17

I recently went to a Pelicans home game against the Bulls and boy do I have some things to get off my chest, both good and bad. In this weeks blog, I’m going to venture towards more of my experience than the actual events that happened during the game. Comment below afterwards and let me know if you guys want more of me moving towards other things NBA related or just staying with the Pelicans topics.

This was my second trip to a Pelicans game, my first being against the Trailblazers about three years ago when they had had Lopez, Batum, and Matthews. The Pelicans lost that game as well as this game against the Bulls. Maybe I’m just bad luck. Anyhow, the pels big three played up to there standards, its just nobody could stop Jimmy Butler. I mean, we pay Solomon Hill so much money because of his “defense”, but it was nowhere to be found that game. Butler torched us with 38 points playing as the “defacto” point guard for the Bulls. Boogie led the pels with 30+points and 15+ rebounds, but he had to work for it. The Bulls in the fourth quarter kept trying to agitate Boogie. Flops after flops from Rondo and Michael Carter Williams. It was very annoying to watch, and the refs didn’t help the case, it seemed as though the refs were licking their chops waiting for Boogie to go off. Thinking back I kind of wished he did. Would’ve been pretty cool to watch in person.

My experiences at the game were pretty mixed. It was nice to see other Pelican fans, I have gone so long without seeing some but perhaps I’ve been looking in the wrong places. The Smoothie King Center looks A1 from the outside, I’m talking super fancy. The inside looks okay nothing to hang your head on. Seeing the players during intros, warmups, and the game, you sort of realize that hey these guys are REALLY tall. I’m 6’5 myself so I’m use to people being shorter, but the forwards and centers made me feel like a baby. These elite athletes are so amazing to watch. Everything that they do seems so smooth and fluid.

This is the story that killed my “vibe” while at the game. I, being eager, immediately went to my seat once we made it to the game. Skipped getting food because I wanted to watch the warmups. I figured I would just go at halftime, no big deal. Once halftime approached, I left kind of early because I wanted to beat traffic. Turns out others had the same idea. Halftime is about 15 minutes long. I was in line for around 30. I really wanted nachos for some reason, but while waiting we were all told that they ran out. Now there’s only two other options left for actual food: smoked sausage or hotdogs. The family in front of me took damn near 10 minutes to choose what they want. The third quarter has started and I’m sitting here waiting on these parents asking their kids what they want knowing damn freaking well there’s a line behind them. Anyway, they leave and its finally my turn. There’s about 4 minutes left in the third, I’m already in a bad mood, I ask for a smoked sausage and a bottle water and guess what. She tells me they just ran out. I wanted to D-I-E! I just took a hotdog and went to my seat heated. Never again will I make the mistake of getting food at halftime.

So there you have it, my experience at the Pelicans vs Bulls game. Very mixed but overall a fun time. If you guys loved the story leave a like. Comment below if you would like to see more NBA related topics as well as Pelicans content or if you would like just a one stop New Orleans Pelicans blog. Don’t forget to follow me on social media @NolaJus Instagram/Twitter. Lets talk some Nola basketball!



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