No more big three?

On 4/18/17 Jake Madison of @thebirdwrites dropped a podcast circling around Jrue Holiday. Jake basically went into detail saying based on the exit interviews from Dell Demps and Alvin Gentry, Jrue likely isn’t going to be resigned. This actually picked up quite the pace as ive seen it on a few other websites such as bleacherreport. This got me thinking though, if Jrue leaves does it really serve as doom for our New Orleans Pelicans?

Maxing out Jrue would mean paying 30 million per year. Jrue without a doubt is a nice starting point guard, but I don’t know if he is a god fit for us especially for that price. In the small sample size with the big three on the floor together, Jrue has struggled. Jrue and Boogie on the court together has been pretty bad. Jrue and Davis has been decent as we all know though, they’ve had time to get the chemistry together. If our starting point guard cant play well with our best two players on the floor is it really worth it? The same point guard that has been injury prone every year we’ve had him except this past season. The more I think about it the more I believe that maybe we should let him walk and try another piece to see if he fits the puzzle.

The upcoming point guard class is pretty dynamic with players like Cp3, Curry, and Lowry available. Let be real for a second though, they’re all going to resign with their current team. Players we have a chance at are like: Jeff Teague, George Hill, and Patty Mills. While these players aren’t terrible, they aren’t going to put a team over the hump or be considered a big three type player. So with that said I think whomever the GM is (if Demps is fired) may have to work some trade magic. I would love to see Goran from the Miami Heat, Jeremy Lin, or even Rondo on the target list. Anyone of those players with another solid role player could be enough for this team to be very competitive.

Let me know some players you think the Pelicans should target, or just give your thoughts and reasons why Jrue should stay. Lets talk some Pelicans basketball! Drop a like or comment below. I could also be reached on social media @NolaJus Instagram/Twitter.




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