“Tank” Flight

The New Orleans Pelicans before the trade deadline were 3.0 games behind for the 8th and final playoffs spot. Since trading for Demarcus Cousins the team has trended even further behind in the race. Was the trade a bad move? Are the pels, who are currently out of the playoffs race currently trying to tank to increase odds of keeping the top-3 protected pick? Lets dive right in.

First up is Cousins. Cousins is easily the best center in the NBA. The pairing of The best center (Cousins) and the best power forward (Davis) is a dream come true. No question the pels are moving somewhat away from small ball, even though there are some lineups where small ball is used. Having two big men capable of drawing a double team is a privilege that no other team in the NBA has. Don’t forget that both big men are also capable of shooting the three. So when the trade for cousins went through, safe to say I went into a joyful shock. I now realize that its going to take time for everyone to gel and learn where cousins likes the ball. After watching the few games boogie has played for the Pelicans I’m convinced that next year, and moving forward depending on if he resigns, that this is a playoff team. The fact that when AD is out the game we can run the offense through him and not lose too much of a step is HUGE. Once we upgrade the team with some shooters this offseason, the sky is the limit.

As far as tanking goes, we are currently doing it. Losing to the Lakers confirmed it for me. Not only that, but Cousins and AD have both been benched for the final game. I’m not complaining though. Currently with the 10th best odds to land the number 1 pick in the draft. Losing to the Lakers (whose on a 5 game win streak), as well as our last game will increase our odds every so slightly, but when dealing with the lottery every percent means something.

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  1. thesportshustle · April 17, 2017

    I would love to see the Pelicans get in the top three and get a young stud. Your team could be real solid for years to come.

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